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Here is a list of 7 things to to BEFORE you list your home that will keep you from being blind-sided.

By correcting issues discovered in these inspection, you will be in control of any negotiation asked by a buyer. After investing the money and time to correct any discovered items,  your home will have a competitive edge. Most of all, you will not be blindsided by surprising repair requests. It will cost some money, yes. Consider it part of the cost to sell and just do it. You will make it up on the sale and with your sanity. Doing these 7 things will take the issues off the table and de-stress your entire transaction. 

7 Pre-Listing To-Do’s To de-stress your home sale. 

  • Home inspection. Hire a professional. Read the report and correct issues before you list.
  • Radon Inspection: If you live in the Rocky Mountains, radon is common. A simple inspection will report on the presence of radon, level, and if mitigation is necessary. 
  • Septic Inspection: If you haven’t inspected your septic system in years, it is a good idea to do an inspection before you list. Have the system pumped every 2 years. Pumping and certification are required in most counties . 
  • Well Inspection: If a well is your domestic water source, have the pump inspected as well as the capacity and draw down
  • Electrical Inspection: Ask your electrician to go through your home and test all outlets, breakers,  panel, light fixtures. appliances, switches and correct anything not working. GFCI plugs are required in many places. Confirm they exist and are in working order. Get an estimate to correct any and all. Schedule the repairs. 
  • Roof Inspection: Roof issues can be expensive. You should know ahead of any negotiation the condition of your roof, its age, and if any repairs are necessary. 
  • What’s an SPD? Seller’s Property Disclosure. This is the first step in your listing process documents.  Review ahead of the listing. You must disclose any issues asked on the form.Disclose, Disclose, Disclose. If you have taken care of items 1-6, you will sail through it! 

Celebrate your success. At the end of the process your home will be in tip-top shape. Now you can start on the pretty stuff outside and in. For more tips to sell your home in any market, click here.

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