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Spring into the Roaring Fork Valley! 

It is hard to believe that Spring is so close when the snow continues to fuel an epic ski season. If your Spring Break plans don’t include an Aspen trip, you may want to revisit that decision.

Our market continues to be strong with demand completely dominating the landscape of real estate. There aren’t enough homes to go around, and it seems we remain unaffected by any narrative about the national economy or interest rate hikes.

Why is that?  Here are 7 reasons to live in the Roaring Fork Valley.

  1. Health, wellness and fitness. One stroll through any of our towns will validate the notion that we are among the most fit and healthy people anywhere. Year-round outdoor sports are plentiful and accessible.
  2. Community: We are truly a community. Small town values with global sophistication.
  3. Culture: What other small town offers world class music, theater, art and thought leadership in a place so beautiful and easy to navigate?
  4. Connection. The Rocky Mountains are ripe with opportunities for families to make memories. It is so easy for multi-generations to connect on the slopes, river front, or around. A campfire with s’mores.  The beauty and heart of the Rockies offer families limitless opportunities to get to know each other in an entirely new way.
  5. Contribution: you can make a difference here. Any number of stellar non-profits can benefit and would love to have you on board as a volunteer. Just call an ask!
  6. Creative atmosphere. If you are an artist, poet, author, coach, musician or just want to entertain friends, you are only limited by your imagination.
  7. Growth: There is so much to learn and do here your days will be packed. Whether you are learning a new sport, challenging yourself to new heights, jumping into a new hobby, you can become more of who you are by just trying something new. The offerings are limitless.

Compass the #1 brokerage in the United States by sales volume! 

For the second year in a row RealTrends has named Compass the #1 brokerage in the United States by sales volume! ⁠

I’m so proud to be apart a brokerage that has helped thousands of clients and their families find their place in the world. Compass agents are trusted advisors, helping everyone from the first-time buyer to the seasoned seller make better, more informed decisions.⁠

Powered by the #1 brokerage in the US, let’s find your way home. Inside Aspen and beyond.

Market Stats


If you are thinking that Roaring Fork Valley is like the rest of the country, you might think again. Take a look At these recent sales!

Sales activity continues to impress. Closing of $21mm on Red Mountain. Meanwhile down valley…Aspen Glen and RVR’s new builds are 5.2mm !

Still not enough inventory. As a buyer, keep at it. As a seller, make it work for you!  Spring forward!

7 things your kids don’t want…

First job, first home, first child, empty nest, retirement, grandchildren.⁠

Have you ever noticed that most of life’s “next chapters” require a new definition of home? Making a move can be exciting, confusing, and so stressful! But now is your chance to take the reins and redefine what home means to you. If your current “next chapter” includes downsizing, we’ve compiled a list of “7 Things your kids don’t want”. As much as we love them, our kid’s can’t all inherit our good taste.⁠

REALM Global

I am so grateful to have been a Founding Member of REALM Global. This network is the cream of the crop of brokers, but, most of all, the most fun group to know. I cherish my friendships in REALM Global.


If health, fitness wellness, family connection and  security define luxury for you,  make no mistake,  Aspen is Mecca.

As you tour our gorgeous Roaring Fork Valley, you will see some of the healthiest and fitness conscious people on earth. 

After all, Aspen Hall of Fame inductees,  Elizabeth and Walter Peepcke review and re-molded Aspen based on their philosophy of “Mind, Body, Spirit”,  dubbed “The Aspen Idea”. Walter was the head of the Aspen Institute. Currently, the Aspen Ideas Festival  has an annual Health symposium ahead of the iconic Ideas Fest event.

Spring Break is a great time to get reacquainted with your New Year’s Resolution and hit ‘re-set’.

If hiking, cycling, fly-fishing , yoga, skiing  and culture are boxes you have checked to qualify your new home, look no further.

Examine your “why” for making a move. Then, plan a trip to Aspen.  Within 24 hours of landing here, you will feel healthier,

If you need help connecting, let me be your guide. No questions too small. Just jump in here .

It is almost impossible to come to Aspen and not get into better shape. Be careful, though. It is  addictive. You may find yourself shopping for property  as fast as you can shoot a rapid on the Roaring Fork River.

Let’s connect here: I can’t wait to be your tour guide, camp counselor, and cultural liaison inside Aspen and beyond.

Upcoming events to plan for NOW:


Ullr Nights

During the peak of the winter season Aspen Snowmass honors the Norse God of Snow- Ullr- wit a winter wonder land experience at Snowmass Elk Camp.  Join the fun with gondola ride, tubing, riding the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster, snowbiking, s’mores, and hot chocolate by the bonfire. 

Click here for more info!


KickAspen Night Skiing

Skiers and riders are invited to take night laps at the Little Nell Chair from 7-10pm. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time and proceeds will be donated to local organizations.  In addition to the night ski, Aspen Mountain base is hosting live music from 6:30-9pm.

Click here for more info!


The Aspen Idea: Mind Body Spirit, lives on with Jayne Gottlieb’s Retreats.

Take a breather at upcoming with Jayne Gottlieb’s “Deepening Shakti The Retreat” on 03.23 – 03.26.  Learn more about the retreat here.

Want to hear from the amazing Jayne Gottlieb? Watch my interview with her here!

Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning Ideas

Non-Toxic Cleaning Hacks: 21 Unique Ways to Use Branch Basics

Restore your blender to like-new condition

If your love of green smoothies, homemade nut butters, and plant-based milks has left your high-powered blender a little stained and scuzzy, here’s how to clean it up:

  1. Spray sides with All-Purpose.
  2. Add 1/2 scoop of Oxygen Boost and fill with water.
  3. Blend briefly (optional). Avoid blending if using hot water.
  4. Let it sit and soak for a few hours
  5. Scrub and rinse.

Read all the tips here!

Luxury Properties Inside Aspen & Beyond

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