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"I truly appreciate your suggestions when I was having my house painted. I would have gone with the same soft sage green but your suggestion of a dark slate grey with a glossy black door really made it pop and I think that’s what spurred new interest. Another great suggestion you gave me was to change out all my hangars to the black velvet…it gave continuity to my large master closet as well as getting rid of 40 shoe boxes (I can’t help it…I love shoes!) and replacing them with the plastic see-through boxes. "
Your book is full of great suggestions and I wish you the best with it.

Kim BascherSuccessful seller who got her price quickly after she executed the tips above.

Wanted to share how much your book Bubble or Bust helped in the recent selling of our home.
We sold our home over asking price within 24 hours of listing. Some of the fixes in your book that really helped were:
- Fast Fix #2 where I hired someone to help declutter and then moved the large items like toaster and toaster oven off the counters.
- Fast Fix # 7 we staged for pictures and created curb appeal by adding new plans and flowers to large pots.
We also had all windows washed professionally and had the porch, sidewalk and driveway power washed.

Your book is filled with helpful ideas and it really made the difference.

Dawn Duross

Selling a “home” is much different than selling a house. Selling a family home can stir up just about every emotion known to man. That is why I was very careful to choose a broker that understood me and the importance of offering support both personally and professionally. Not a day went by without some handholding, and guidance from the beginning to the end of the sale process. Ann took care of every detail, all the way down to fresh food and goodies in the refrigerator to have on hand during the packing process. I blame her for a few extra pounds, but they were worth it! And so is Ann!

Catherine R.

Ann is a wizard of sorts. She has the uncanny ability to take plain, weird, or even disastrous properties and turn them into hip, beautiful, functional spaces that would make even Pinterest cry. She has a particular talent for color and tone creating an air of calm in your space and each inch is thought through with practical everyday living in mind. The most amazing part is, she does this with a budget in mind. Her properties are fantastic and the photos tell it all. You are nuts if you don't call this amazing and kind lady right now.

Nancy K.

Having been involved in multiple real estate transactions over the last 40+ years, I can attest to the fact that Ann is without a doubt the most knowledgeable and efficient agent I’ve ever worked with. Ann is adept at the negotiation process, every detail during escrow including inspections, title work, and closing and is always available, which is rare. An added bonus is that Ann is simply a wonderful, positive, fun, and fascinating individual. Bottom line, you won’t regret engaging her to handle all your real estate needs.

Mark J.

Working with Ann to find your dream property is like working with that person in your life who knows exactly what you want. She found our dream home when nobody else saw it for us. Ann has such a vast amount of experience that it helps not only with the purchase but the whole picture of turning your dreams into reality. I wish I was buying something today so I could work with Ann again.

Julie & Jon W.

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In addition to Ann’s work as a real estate broker, she offers an array of services, a-la-carte, including staging, deep-cleaning, cosmetic renovations, decluttering, landscaping, painting, pest control, custom closets and more. Give her a call today to discuss your unique needs.

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